Children’s Dentist Jonesboro

Keeping Kids’ Smiles Clean & Healthy

Young boy smiling in dental chair

It isn’t just adults who need proper dental care! Without it, a child’s mouth can easily sustain damage and may develop many nasty issues. Luckily, our office is a true family dental practice and can serve the youngest members of your household. Dr. Spades likes caring for kids and setting them on the path for a lifetime of optimal oral health. For more details on our children’s dentistry options here in Jonesboro, continue reading or book a visit today!

Why Choose Northeast Arkansas Dentistry for Children’s Dentistry?

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  • Wide Array of Dental Services for Kids
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Dental Sealants

Close up of child receiving a dental exam

To help your child fight plaque, you could have them get dental sealants. Dr. Spades would apply these tooth-colored coatings in thin layers. Once in place, the sealants can then protect your kiddo’s teeth from harmful microbes. Their smile would then be at a far lower risk of tooth decay and cavities. Best of all, the sealants should last up to ten years. (We will assess them at regular checkups for chips and wear.)

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Close up of child having fluoride applied to their teeth

As you might know, fluoride is an essential mineral that strengthens teeth. It’s thus used as part of regular dental cleanings. However, it can also prove helpful after a cavity forms. Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) has the power to slow the progress of dental caries. In other words, this material can keep a child’s cavities from getting worse, ensuring your kids’ baby teeth last as long as they should.

Athletic Mouthguards/ Sportsguards

Young boy putting green athletic mouthguard into his mouth

Maybe your child likes to play sports – basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, etc. If so, they’re at high risk of dental injuries. One wrong move could lead to a chipped tooth or knocked-out teeth. Even so, there’s a way to fix this dilemma: a custom athletic mouthguard. This item will fit snugly over your child’s teeth, protecting them from outside forces. Your youngster can then play without fear for their grin no matter the sport.

Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment

Close up of baby opening their mouth wide

If your child struggles to breastfeed or speak, they may have a lip or tongue tie. The former occurs when overly tight tissue inside the upper lip attaches to the gums. Meanwhile, the latter is when tissue that is too short or tough connects the tongue to the mouth’s floor. Whichever tie your tot has, Dr. Spades can treat it with a frenectomy. This procedure uses a soft tissue laser to remove the excess tissue. Once done, your little one can move their lips and tongue freely.

Non-Nutritive Oral Habits

baby sucking their thumb

The most common example of a “non-nutritive oral habit” is thumb-sucking. If it persists past age three, it could cause a child’s teeth to become misaligned and even throw off the development of their jaw. Dr. Spades can help kids quit their non-nutritive habits while being patient and warm every step of the way.